It's 1968... the tail end of summer.  Eleven-year-old Barry Basic is on a school trip with a bus full of people who don't like him, but nothing can spoil his seashell hunt!  Or can it?

As Barry, explore the beach and find your five seashells... whatever it takes.

Barry Basic and the Witch's Cave was created for the Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2023, and is a loose prequel to Barry Basic and the Quest for the Perfect PortBarry Basic and the Quick Escape and Barry Basic and the Speed Daemon.


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The puzzles were great and I was pleasantly surprised by the POV switching. It adds some complexity without being too overwhelming. It’s honestly quite cute!

Glad you enjoyed!

Awesome adventure! I really enjoyed the puzzles and loved the ending :)

Thanks for playing - glad you enjoyed!

I really admire you're ability to toggle POV of multiple characters. I think it really moves text adventures in an entirely new direction!! (ps. I am still only at the beginning of this adventure)

Thanks so much! For the character switching, I originally did it in a game for TALP two years ago with lots of fiddly coding, but since then there has been character switching functionality added to Adventuron, which makes it much easier.