It's 1987, and Barry Basic is keen to reach a whole new fanbase by porting his BBC Micro computer game to the ZX Spectrum. However, he needs to convert his code first!

As Barry, you need to find everything that will help you port your game and make a new name for yourself among Spectrum fans.

This mini-adventure was designed in preparation for the Adventuron Next Adventure Jam 2020, in order to test the procedure for making an Adventuron game Spectrum-compatible.


Barry Basic 1: Spectrum +3 Edition 34 kB
Barry Basic 1: Spectrum Next Edition 17 kB


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Finished. It took me longer to test the code on the BBC Micro computer and ZX Spectrum emulators, to see if it was real, than to finish the game. Of course, the code works!

It's very basic BASIC, but yes it is real :D