You're really hitting the ground running with this one...

As Alejandro, the latest hire at Bazbasoft, you didn't expect to be thrown into the (literal) world of Barry Basic's games on your very first day in the job. But the Speed Daemon, an old enemy of Barry, has returned, and alongside your mentor Shona and Barry himself, you need to travel through the game world and find him before he can do any more damage to the latest Bazbasoft game project!

Unlock multiple pathways and play through the world as Alejandro, Shona and Barry in your quest to defeat the Speed Daemon.

Barry Basic and the Speed Daemon was created for the Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2022, and is a loose sequel to Barry Basic and the Quest for the Perfect Port and Barry Basic and the Quick Escape.


BB&tSD: Basic Walkthrough 407 kB
BB&tSD: Secrets Guide 552 kB

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