You are the latest in a long line of unwilling goblin assistants to an imprisoned and increasingly grumpy wizard. Every day he tries to escape, and every day you end up on some fruitless quest to find supplies for his latest plan.

But today might be a good day. Today might be the day you get replaced with another assistant... without having to lose your life in the process.

Goblin Quest was originally conceived for the Adventuron Treasure Hunt Jam 2020 and follows many of the rules of that jam. While not a sequel, it has a few loose connections to eventual jam entry Goblin Decathlon.

Development log


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Great game!  Simple and enjoyable. I finished it without too much trouble. The graphics are good and the illustration of the TREETOP place is as beautiful as a painting.

Thank you for that.

Thanks for your kind comments auraes!  I'm glad you enjoyed the game.