On a hot summer weekend, all Olivia Raines wants to do is get on with her studies for her upcoming exams. But her unreliable aunt, Beverly, has gone missing, and Olivia finds herself unwillingly dragged into a mystery that will forever change her perception of Houghtonbridge, the stuffy little town where she lives.

Explore places around the town, a mysterious old family home and a forbidden field in your quest to find out where Beverly has gone - and why.

Things that Happened in Houghtonbridge was created for ParserComp 2022.


TtHiH: Basic Walkthrough 401 kB

Development log


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re: bugfix. I also found these.

> X TV
WHich do you mean?
1. a TV
2. flatscreen
Both the same thing.

in the living room:
> get paper
<Blank response>

A small TV is mounted on the wall.
> look wall
You can't see any wall here.

> x sticker
The bumper sticker says....
> eat it
You can't see any sticker here.

While the family are having dinner, you can go up to emily's door when she's not in and knock.
"Go away!"
Then she arrives!

Thanks for the reports!  Will sort those in my next bugfix update.


Well done! Very atmospheric, with an engaging story. Approachable for a parser game, doubly so with the walkthrough.

So glad you enjoyed it! :)