You thought your mission for the Company was over. But you were wrong.

This really is the very last day you have to work for them - one last day, one last job, one last thing. Then you'll be free! Time to get moving - the sooner you can get the job done, the sooner you'll be out of here.

Now, where has that keycard for the garage door gone?

One Last Thing... was created for the Adventuron Next Adventure Jam 2020, and is a sequel to the Adventuron CaveJam 2019 entry The Cave of Hoarding.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorDee Cooke
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tagsadventuron, text-adventure


One Last Thing: Spectrum +3 Edition 48 kB
One Last Thing: Spectrum Next Edition 71 kB

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Hi... you didn't upload 0.1.6 for spectrum next, right?


Hi - that's right, from what I remember the last update fixed something Adventuron-specific. I was going to post matching Spectrum updates to keep everything consistent but never got round to it! Still have all my notes for it though, so maybe one day.


Thanks :)

Did a live stream of One Last Thing... a bit back. First time playing, and really enjoyed the character interaction and the logic behind the puzzles. Perturbed I couldn't get 100%, seems I'm missing about eight points roughly. Thoroughly enjoyable game. 

Thanks again Rich!

That was a FUN adventure game! Thank you for this. It took about an hour to complete. I finished with 16/25. Sometimes finding the right verb required some time, heck, so 1980s! :)  I love the mystery around Lo Kingdom and Lady Champagne! Good work!!


Thanks so much - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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I think there is a missing description for the box? I carry it, x box ->you see nothing special.

Thanks - I'll have a look at that.

Dee! I'm very much enjoying your game! Right now I'm stuck trying to get the printer paper out of the box. I know I need to make the box lighter (the hint says so) but I don't know how. May I have a hint for the hint? :D

Hi Julia - the paper will end up all over the floor if you do it correctly! You need to do something to the box itself...

Hmm. I tried tilting the box, pushing it, breaking it. Ahh stuck!

Try tipping or emptying it :)

It says I can't use my hands to open the garage door when I type to use the keycard.

Try 'scan keycard'. You need to use the scanner by the door.  Thanks for flagging that response up, though, I'll change that in the next release!

Thats what I tried :(

Have you examined the door?