The bells. The bells!

You left it too late to leave the pub... and now THEY are here. How are you going to escape them this time?

You are in the pub... but you've stayed too long. It's the Pokey End Folk Week in Pokey End, southwest England, and the village square outside the pub has been taken over by a troupe of Morris dancers. You're terrified of Morris dancers! You can't leave the pub now!

Obviously, you can't go out the front door into the thick of the Morris dancers, so you'll need to find another way out before the barman unceremoniously turfs you out at closing time.

Morris was created for PunyJam #2 in November 2021.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorDee Cooke
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tagsinform-6, punyinform, text-adventure, Text based


Morris: Download Version 64 kB
Morris: BBC Micro Version 117 kB
Morris: C64 Version 170 kB
Morris: Walkthrough 435 kB

Install instructions

You will need a Z-code interpreter such as Windows Frotz or Lectrote to run the download version of this game. Alternatively, you can play the online version in the browser using the 'Run game' link above.

The BBC Micro and C64 versions require emulators (e.g. BeebEm and VICE respectively); alternatively, they can be played on the original hardware.

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