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This was great fun! So adventurous and good-hearted, and well-implemented too. I appreciated all the custom responses for spell+item combos, especially the one about the donkey's backstory. <3

Glad you enjoyed it - thanks for playing and for your comments!

I haven't finished yet, but what I've seen is nice and I'm enjoying it. I particularly like the absurdity of dragging a donkey with you through a time warp into an ancient tomb. I've definitely needed the walkthrough a couple of times though. I had trouble working out how to align the spinning disks.(I knew what needed to be done, but couldn't work out the series of checks and waits so thanks for including a walk through.)

Glad you're enjoying it! And thanks for the feedback - I always try to include a walkthrough as I never know which puzzles players will find difficult.

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That's my first time playing a parser! The story and setting hooked me immediately, the puzzles were fun!


Welcome to parser!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I'm terrible at parsers so this took me awhile, but the effort was well worth it.Such a fun experience, and a wonderful use of the seed.

Teeny, tiny spoiler (?) below:




I really enjoyed the nonplussed response to my attempts to EAT or POKE ridiculous things. I knew it would pay off eventually.

Thanks for playing and for your lovely comments - I'm so glad you enjoyed!

This was a whole lot of fun!

So pleased you enjoyed it!